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Headshot session with Maarten

My friend Maarten approached me for new portraits to present himself on his social and business networks. We got together at my place where I put up an improvised photostudio. We have a gray wall that is very suited for this kind of photography.

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Hasselblad first results

Last time I told about my first shoot with the Hasselblad. In this post I’d like to share the results. Walking around with a camera like this is sheer fun. But afterwards you take your rolls of film, go to the store and wait a week until you get it back… Oh well, if you’re doing slow photography you might as well wait a while for the results.

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My Hasselblad 500 C/M

This morning I took out my Hasselblad for the first time. I’m a bit ashamed to tell, but I bought this beautiful camera on a bargain some years ago and then it sat in it’s box hardly used at all until today. So armed with some Kodak Portra roles I took out for some landscape photography and boy did I have fun! In this digital age I found it quite relaxing to take your time before each shot. But above all to look down in that magnificent viewfinder.

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