Girls from the hood

In August I did a great photoshoot at the place of my friends Maarten and Nathalie in the street where I live. The models were their three beautiful daughters: Tessel, Amenida and Roemer. Nathalie approached me for the shoot and she had a lot of nice ideas about the styling and clothing and I must say: I’m impressed! Her ideas really worked out great. It was a nice collaboration and a nice shoot.


We did the shoot in a part of the room with a skylight. This provided beautiful light. I dragged my own lighting set along but didn’t need it. All portraits where made with natural light.

During the shoot I photographed each model individually and at the end we made some group shots with the whole family. The bulk of the portraits are shot with my digital Nikon, but before we stopped in certain setting, I also took some shots with the analog Fuji medium format rangefinder. It’s nice to see the difference between the two.


On the left: digital full frame. On the right: medium format film.

I’m very pleased with the results. More importantly, Nathalie and her girls are very happy too! Working with them was a treat. Maarten made an appearance as a kind of King of the Tundra. Well, I don’t know, but he looks great and I really like the double portrait with him and Tessel.


Natalie & Amenida

We all had lot’s of fun and I think it shows in the final result. I’m looking forward to the next shoot with these girls. They really really rocked it. Thanks girls!

You can view all photo’s in the portrait album.

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