Hasselblad first results

Last time I told about my first shoot with the Hasselblad. In this post I’d like to share the results. Walking around with a camera like this is sheer fun. But afterwards you take your rolls of film, go to the store and wait a week until you get it back… Oh well, if you’re doing slow photography you might as well wait a while for the results.


At first I was a bit disappointed. In the first roll there was nothing worthwhile. In the others there were some. I somehow missed the beautiful depth that I noticed looking through the viewfinder on the prints in my hand. After a week or so I decided to scan some of the negatives anyway with my Epson V700 Photo flatbed scanner. It took some trail and error, but looking at the digital files I started too see again what I missed in the prints.

After cropping away the borders, cleaning up the little crinkles and tweaking the colors these are the results.


My workflow was to scan the negatives with the standard Epson software. Then I imported the files into Lightroom where I did most adjustments. When I was satisfied, I edited the files in Color Efex Pro to make some final adjustments. When I was done I opened the file In Photoshop to get rid of the little speckles etc. Not my regular workflow, but it worked for me.

The photo’s can be found in the landscape album.

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