Headshot session with Maarten

My friend Maarten approached me for new portraits to present himself on his social and business networks. We got together at my place where I put up an improvised photostudio. We have a gray wall that is very suited for this kind of photography.

I wanted to make headshots with a business like look, inspired by Peter Hurley, the famous headshot photographer. For this purpose I set up two Elincrom strobes with a softbox, one main light at camera right and a second light at camera left, slightly feathered and at lower power.


Maarten was easy and fun to to work with and I think you can see that back in the final images.


To conclude the session, we moved away from the strobes and shot one roll of medium format Tri-X film with available (indirect) light coming from the window in front of a white background. I used my Hasselblad that was just serviced recently.


We are both very pleased with the results and I’m particularly thrilled to see that the Hasselblad portraits came out so well. But then again, it’s easy when you have a good model!


Maarten //

Looking good! 🙂

Igor //

Mooie indringende foto van Maarten! Fijn om de making of te lezen.
En mooie website, Marco.


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