Kitchen fun with flowers and ice

When I read about this project on some photography website (sorry, can’t remember which) I knew I wanted to try this: make photos of frozen flowers. The idea is simple: freeze flowers in a plastic container, put some lighting on it and go. Well, this is what came out of it.

The color version has my preference. It has a little more pop to it.
This kind of photography is very rewarding in multiple ways. First you can do this in a small space at home, so when you don’t want to leave the house this is ideal. Secondly it’s nice not to just make the image, but also to create the subject.

The preparation

Before the shoot you need to take some time to freeze the flowers. First freeze a little layer before adding the flowers in the container. Than arrange the flowers and add another thin layer. Build it up in 3 or 4 stages and add a little layer each time so it freezes evenly.

The shoot

The actual shoot took place in my kitchen. I tried different scenarios but the nicest results I got by placing a strobe with a radio trigger in the sink (watch out for water!). Put a glass plate over it. I used an old frame I had left and took the glass out. Put the block of ice on the glass plate and go wild. I used my Sigma 70mm 2.8 macro lens that is very suitable for this kind of photography.

Alternate b/w version

I made a black and white version as well. Eventually I liked the color version better, but it’s still nice to do both. Curious to know which one you like best.

The large images can be found in the Things album.

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