Middenduin in the winter


At the beginning of this year I was part of an exhibition for the first time in my life. The happy occasion was that my photo club reached the age of 90 last november and to celebrate that we had the opportunity to show our work in The Noord-Hollands Archief, a beautiful building where the history is archived of the province I live in. The theme of the exhibition was “My Noord-Holland”.

Admittedly last year was not my most productive period in photography. I was busy with my own company and had very little time, inspiration and drive. So work had to be done to produce something new for the exhibition. After one ambitious plan after another didn’t see the light I decided to go to one of my favorite places: Middenduin. It’s part of the national park nearby Haarlem and a very nice and relaxing peace of nature, that I visited a lot to go running or just wandelring around.

The photo on top is the one that I chose for the exhibition. I had a big print made of 70x50cm with a white border around it. It’s always nicer to see images printed on a large format compared to viewing a computer screen and this was no exception. Below you can see some other images I made that day.

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