Occhio photoshoot

On December 19th, 2013 I organized a photoshoot at the place where I work: Occhio Webdevelopers. The company website was 5 years old and needed replacement badly, but there was hardley any time left in the busy schedule to work on our own website. At the beginning of the same month we decided that the way to go was a hackathon, where we would build the entire website in 48 hours, starting at friday morning on January 3rd 2014 and ending the next sunday.

Off course we needed fresh content and for me that meant fresh portraits of all employees. I set up an improvised studio in a room downstairs with a beautiful dark grey wall using my Elinchrom D-Lite flash set existing of two heads with softboxes. I shot everything with my Nikon D200 and Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. I was so lucky to have Kheira as my assistent and together we managed to get some nice shots of all my collegues.

We made a little teaser video out of this event just before the hackathon on YouTube (thanks Hermen).

Unfortunately not all employees could make it, so expect some new addition shortly. All portraits can be found in the portraits album.

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