Photoshoot with Eline

At the beginning of this year Eline and I made an appointment to do a photoshoot so we both would have some nice photos for our portfolios. Of course we all were very busy but 5 months later we finally got together for a nice shoot.

Eline is 15 years old, taller than I am and she wants to be a model/doctor/scientist when she grows up. She is a very bright young girl with a nice natural appearance. It was great fun to work with her and she showed a lot of initiative during the shoot, which made it easy for me to find good shots.

We took of to the dunes near Haarlem to take care of the modeling ambitions. The weather was a bit cloudy but otherwise very bright, so the light conditions were actually quite all right. I took the bulk of the shots with my digital camera, but near the end I shot one roll of Portra 160 with my Mamiya 645 Pro and another roll of Ektar 100 with the Fuji. I wanted to see if the camera’s would give a different feel to the final result.

Another thing I tried to accomplish is to make a mix of portraiture and landscape photography. Of course the pictures are all portraits and Eline is the main subject, but I wanted the beautiful scenery to be a part of the final result as well.

All in all I’m pleased with the outcome and I had a really fun time with Eline who did great! Thanks Eline!

You can view all photos in the Portrait album.

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