Portrait workshop Rijksmuseum

At the 10th of April I participated in a very nice workshop portrait photography in The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The idea was to get inspired by some beautiful classic paintings, in this case from Vermeer.

The paintings we worked with were The Milkmaid (Het Melkmeisje) and Woman in Blue Reading a Letter (Brieflezende vrouw in het blauw).

Opnamedatum: 2011-06-09 E foto

The location was de Teekenschool next to the museum in a well equipped studio. Our teacher of the day was Angela Tellier, a young and edgy portrait photographer from Amsterdam. She helped us to analyze the paintings on a big screen and find out what makes it so special. Next she took us into the museum to look at the actual paintings to get even more inspiration. It was a Sunday morning, so there were a lot of visitors, but looking at the real thing beats the TV screen.


After viewing the paintings we visited a reproduction of an old room where late afternoon light shined in through the windows (mimicking the golden hour). There we made portraits in groups of two.


Back in the studio we got to work. In three groups we tried to reproduce the paintings. Not exactly of course, but we tried to get the same light. Time was short, but working in that environment was very rewarding.

And the end of the workshop I went home with a very nice experience in a very inspirational location and I met some nice fellow photographers to share it with.

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