Studio business portraits

As a fulltime web designer and developer it’s nice every now and then to be able to do a work related photoshoot for clients. In november 2015 I had two projects running simultaneously and both clients needed a business portrait. I rented a studio for half a day through a friend photographer in Haarlem and planned each client for about two hours.

Niels on the homepage of his website

Although the studio was well equipped, I brought my own lighting set: two Elinchrom D-Lite stobes with a softbox and an additional LumoPro strobe for hair light. The studio (Studio Lux) is located in De Greiner, a former school building in Haarlem with nice architecture, great atmosphere and much space. Today it’s inhibited by creatives of all sorts.

The photoshoot went very smooth. I knew both clients personally, so there was no need to break the ice. It takes a little time though to “get into it”, but soon both of them were rocking it. It’s an interesting experience to have two consecutive shoots with two completely different characters. For me that’s the big attraction in portrait photography. You never know how it’s turning out, but it’s always fun.

Florien on the “about us” page of her website.

Niels is a business owner in promotional products. He’s in a very personal market and therefore I wanted to put him on the homepage of his new website. Florien is a business owner as a transportation expert, dealing with high end projects for serious money. For her I wanted a serious, strong appearance with a hint of playfulness.

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