The classic still life

At the photo club a new assignment was given for still life and table top photography. I always wanted to make a still life like the classic paintings and as a preparation I started to collect images of of still life paintings in my Pinterest account for inspiration. Pinterest is a very handy tool for this.



I knew my mother collects old bowls, dishes, platters and cups, so the photoshoot would take place in her house. I put up a little side table with different combinations of “stuff”, dressed up with grapes and oranges.

The making of

For lighting I used my LumoPro strobe with a PocketWizard in an umbrella that was slightly feathered. This way I got really soft light hitting the subject. As a background I used the black side of a reflector. I shot it with my Sigma 70mm macro lens.
The large images can be found in the Things album.

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