Under the vulcano

Last April my wife and I visited Fuerteventura and Lanzarote for the first time. We had a nice short holiday to reload the battery and what a great place it was! We were located in Corralego in the North of Fuerteventura and it took only a ten minutes walk from our hotel to get to the harbor. From there you could take a ferry to Lanzarote and the to the little Isla de Lobos, both islands well worth visiting.

Fuerteventura itself is very attractive as well. On a jeep safari we toured the North part of the island where we visited several old volcanoes, none of which are active. The country side is very rugged and a nice contrast to the quite touristic but charming town of Corralego.

A little boat trip took us to Isla de Lobos, a tiny uninhibited island of the coast with one big hill. From a distance it looks like a dry deserted place, but up close there is actually a lot of color and diversity in the landscape.

Isla de Lobos

The most impressive part was a visit to the National Park Timanfaya in Lanzarote, consisting of hundreds of volcanoes. Part of them are still sort of active! It felt like visiting the moon on a sunny day. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking. We took a bus tour where you were not allowed to get out, so all pictures from Timanfaya were taken behind a bus window.

Left: Timanafaya (Lanzarote), right: Northern Fuerteventura

I took the Fuji GW690III on this journey and I’m so lucky I did. For landscapes this is a dream camera with the big negatives and the gorgeous lens. I shot all pictures on Kodak Portra 160 film with an aperture varying from f8 to f16 and a shutter speed of around 1/250.

For post processing I scanned the film, cleaned it up a little in Lightroom and finalized it with Nik Color Efex Pro. I’m really pleased with the results and I’m definitely planning on taking the Fuji to other beautiful places to do more landscapes.

These photos are also published on the blog I Still Shoot Film. Check it out here: http://istillshootfilm.org/post/128642368337/series-under-the-volcano-by-marco-verheul

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